About us

  The vision “Pro Prietenia Arad” is to create programs meant to develop the leadership potential of every person, to develop integrated social services networks, to train personnel specialized in social services, in the expertise and implementation of regional, national and international projects.

 The values we promote are Man, Trust, Engagement, Integrity, Responsibility, Communication, attributes that have generated our motto: “TOGETHER FOR OTHERS”.

 Pro Prietenia Arad contributes to the development of responsible leaders and to the consolidation of an involvement-oriented mentality and action.

 The Foundation “Pro Prietenia Arad” is a space that inspires and provides collaborators and community with valuable tools and experiences that enable society to capitalize the human potential.

 The honest development of the social services offered by the foundation by promoting and running projects to prevent trafficking in human beings, drug use and crime is one of the missions in which we invest in.

 The Youth Network Project was set up in 2012. The program’s activities are aimed at initiating and developing an EU-Africa partnership in the field of trans-continental volunteering, with a focus on achieving the Millennium Development Goals.

 The Foundation “Pro PrieteniaArad ” is one of the most representative non-governmental organisations in the Western area of Romania and it has as purpose the following fields of activity:

 The “Pro Prietenia Arad” Foundation is a member of CIADO. The President of the Pro Prietenia” [Pro Friendship] Arad is Vice-President of the National Board.

 PRO PRIETENIA ARAD is member of the European Crime Prevention Network.


 Strategic and long-term partnerships with public and non-governmental institutions.

 International impact generated by collaborations with external partners.

 Implementation and development of local and national social programs with a strong impact on citizens’ lives.

 Development of a flexible and efficient mechanism for identifying funding sources.


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